Aesthetic Orthodontics

In recent years there are many adult patients choosing to get orthodontics treatment becoming the main reason there has been a lot of braces development to make them almost invisible.

  • Ceramic, Porcelain or Sapphire
  • Reduces allergic reaction to metal
  • Their surfaces are smoother and more polished so they are uncomfortable to wear
  • They can be used in any type of treatment


These type of braces imitate the color of your teeth and although they are not invisible, they go more unnoticed than metal braces and allow to do all treatments just like using traditional braces. When combined with an aesthetic arch the appearance is even better, but these arches cannot be used in all phases of the treatment, so when we use conventional metal archwires the braces as a whole are more visible although aesthetics are still better than metal braces.


  • Reduces friction, due to its practically smooth surface
  • They do not irritate the lips or the inside of the cheeks since their edges are rounded
  • Due to its practical size and design the patient feels no discomfort in the mouth
  • They are easy to remove after treatment protecting the tooth enamel